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Homespun Executive
Homespun Executive
  • Why Buy Instead of Renting?
    Why Buy Instead of Renting?

    A home is a place to lay your head at night, a place to play host to cooking, family time, parties, relaxation, and more. But there is more than one way to turn a house—or an apartment— into a home. For many, the American dream is to buy a house…

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  • 3 Reasons to Move Up North
    3 Reasons to Move Up North

    Of the ten places that made 2018’s US News ranking of America’s best states, seven of them belong to the North. The list features Vermont, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Missouri, with Iowa topping out the list. With some of the best places to live, learn and gain…

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  • What Does Mortgage Servicing Mean?
    What Does Mortgage Servicing Mean?

    When you’re buying a house, you’ll encounter a lot of different terms associated with your mortgage and closing. One term you’ve likely heard is mortgage servicing. What does this mean, and how do you make sure you find a great mortgage servicing company? Mortgage servicing defined It seems like mortgage…

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  • The law of the lawns
    The law of the lawns

    When you consider the true cost of a natural lawn at your house or business versus one that is synthetic and made by man and machine, there can be several factors that come across, which you need to give thorough consideration to before making a final decision. These can range…

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  • Staying a Step Ahead of Home Problems
    Staying a Step Ahead of Home Problems

    Owning a home is a wonderful thing for you personally and financially, but homeowners know it is also a whole lot of work. When you own your home, you expose yourself to a certain degree of financial risk, and making sure that your home maintains and, ideally, grows its value…

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  • Decorating a Rented Space
    Decorating a Rented Space

    Thanks to high housing prices, increased urbanization, and frequently moving millennials, more Americans are opting to rent their living spaces than we have in a long time — since 1965, to be exact, the experts tell us. That means a lot of things, including flexibility and short walks to hip…

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