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5 Things People Always Forget to Clean in a House

5 Things People Always Forget to Clean in a House
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Most of us have the impression that we live in a completely clean house. After all, you clean your house at least once a week, do laundry, the dishes, right? You probably do not even think that there are things that pass your careful eye when doing the cleaning, thereby accumulating dirt. Truth be told, no matter how hard you convince yourself that you are doing an efficient job in cleaning your house, there might be a few areas that you unintentionally neglect/forget. However, while these areas are easily forgotten, they can easily be cleaned as well. Here are 5 things that we usually forget to clean:

  1. Pillows

I bet you love sleeping in a clean bed. I do. This means that we wash our bed sheets, duvets, blankets and pillow cases often. However, almost always we never wash the actual pillows. Think about it, when was the last time, if ever, you washed your pillows? Pillows are just like any other bedding. They will accumulate dust, dust mites and general sleeping filth. Therefore, try to wash your pillows at least every six months.

  1. Over and On Top of the Refrigerator

If you read that heading and immediately heard an “Aw, snap!” or something close to that in your head then you are one of the people who forget to clean under and on top of the refrigerator.

So, while you are cleaning your refrigerator on the inside, please remember to also clean the outer parts. Trust me; you do not want a guest to be the one to tell you that the top of your refrigerator looks like a barren football field. Clean that filth off and do so often. At least once a week will do.

  1. Doorknobs

Yes, doorknobs and latches too. These also are usually forgotten when we are cleaning our house. Doorknobs will definitely accumulate dust and grease over time. Different hands open the doors and you never know how clean those hands are. Perhaps the person has just had a tasty burger and has mayo all over his hands. Oh well, you get the idea. Latches also accumulate dust over time. Therefore, next time you are doing your cleaning, put doorknobs, latches and the doors on your to-clean list. You can even put light switches and power sockets on the list.

  1. Toilet Paper Holders

Who would have thought about that? Toilet paper holders also accumulate dust. If you do not clean yours regularly and you do not believe me, just go check on yours. More specifically the sides are usually the most prone to dust adhesion. Kindly, please do not forget to clean your toilet paper holders.

  1. Dishwasher and Washing Machine

 Yeah, they are always full of soap and water so they ought to get clean while they are washing the dishes and clothes. Wrong.

Truth is the dishes contain food particles and also clothes contain other foreign objects, which in fact, are what we are removing by washing. These foreign objects over time, if you do not clean your machines, may cause clogging and that may lead to leaks. Also, the machines being constantly moist are susceptible to mold and mildew. Therefore, please try to be cleaning your machines. Thank me later.

 So there we have it. A list of 5 things we usually forget to clean. Do not forget next time about them. For the people that find cleaning a difficult chore and cannot stomach it, there are cleaning services that are offered. Get professional cleaning services or maid services in Brookline ma for your house cleaning and you will definitely live in a clean and sparkling house.


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