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6 Easy and Cheap Ways to Beautify Your Yard This Summer

6 Easy and Cheap Ways to Beautify Your Yard This Summer
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The warm season is coming upon us, and we now begin to look forward to swims at the pool, barbecues at the yard and perhaps, quiet, sunny mornings at the patio. You can make your yard a visually-appealing place on your property like it’s made for the magazines without the thousand dollar expense. Here are the top five suggestions for creating a landscape that wows.

1.  Recycled Planters

Yes, you can buy brand new planters from a gardening supply store, but recycled planters, like a bathtub, can quickly bring down this cost, yet increase interest. An old tub can become the new home of your favorite blooms and vegetables. You may also use old shoes for your succulents, wagons for flowers and kettles, pots and pans for your other plants.

2. Invest in Perennials

Perennials bear flowers the whole year round, and if you care for them the right way, you’re guaranteed to a great sight each time you look at your yard. Perennial flowers elevate the interest in your landscape by decorating it with splashes of colors and beautiful blooms. From Allium, Veronica to Baptisia and Astilbe, you’ll have plenty of options.

3. Provide Illumination

When the sun begins to set, the beauty of your garden also begins to fade. Keep your landscape beautiful from day to night by putting up outdoor home lighting that gives your yard an exciting yet mystical appeal. Outdoor lighting increases your property’s sense of security, illuminates the area and highlights the focal points of your landscape at nighttime.

4. Accentuate with Gravel

Gravel is an excellent material to work with for areas with high foot traffic. Gravel is cheap and abundant so you can easily source it without spending too much. Filling the plant-less spaces of your yard with gravel will help you attain a modern contemporary feel for your garden.

5. Define the Borders

One great way to give your landscape a sense of shape and form is using borders. You can use a variety of materials to define edges, including but not limited to rocks, boxes, and peat. Borders make your landscape more appealing as they separate spaces and emphasize the look and theme.

6. Ask Instead of Buy

Most gardeners are happy to share their plant cuttings with you, and all you need to do is ask. If you’re admiring a beautiful plant or shrub from a cousin’s garden, for example, you could ask for some cuttings so you can plant them in your garden too. Don’t rush to the nursery and drop a couple of dollars for the plants you could otherwise get for free.


Creating an admirable landscape doesn’t have to be a struggle. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Most gardening dilemmas require basic and straightforward solutions, and in most cases, the materials you need are already available to you. With these practical landscaping techniques, the outdoors will come out more appealing, more beautiful and even more worthy of frequent visits in the summer.


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