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Beach Hunting Tips that Make Metal Detecting Fun for You

Beach Hunting Tips that Make Metal Detecting Fun for You
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If you are interested in beach hunting using your metal detector, this is going to be a worthy read for you. These beach metal detecting articles are going to cover some tips from the experts. Here I’ll try to make some things easy for you that help you to find your targets. No doubt metal detecting on beach produces an extensive collection of junk including cans, bottles, and trash. However, these beach hunting tips help you to be focused on the required goodies like coins, gold or whatever you are looking for.

Choose the Right Metal Detector

When it comes to metal detecting on the beach, the choice of your metal detector highdly sure thing. Along with other features like lower sensitivity level and perfect ground balance your metal detector must be waterproof. It helps you in detecting at both the wet and dry sand.

Read the Beach

Another first tip about beach metal detecting is to learn about the beach. You must be aware of the sand type of beach and understand the beach where you usually hunt. Know about the variables and check the sand level. You need to know where people swim mostly and where most detectorists detect.

Beach Metal Detecting Scoops

To make your metal detecting efficiently, you must have a durable sand scoop. This is just another item that you must have right after metal detector. It must be able to dig for the targets in the dry or wet sand even underwater. These scoops come in different materials and sizes; it depends on your budget and requirements what scoop you are going to choose. Some scoops are ideal for wet sand, and some are designed to dig into the dry sand.

General Beach Metal Detector Tip

You must search the history of your location where you are going to detect, like where and when other people managed to find something in the past. If you have managed to identify something at a place, you must remember that place using some metal detecting finds logs. You must note the date, beach name and the things that you found there along with a short description. No doubt finds log are helpful to keep tracking of the beach conditions.

Don’t forget to bring something with you to put your findings safely. For this purpose, you can use stowaway containers because it can be bought for five bucks and has a divider keep things separately. Like if you are finding for coins and manage to find a jewelry piece it should not be mixed up with coins and use stowaway container you can keep separated.

As you can see these are not very supper technical details for beach hunting but without them, you will make the metal detecting harder for you. To make your metal detecting fun, you must be aware of above-shared tips. This way you will not only enjoy your metal detecting but also find your targeted metals.


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