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Determine Kitchen Renovation Project on The Basis of Purpose and Budget

Determine Kitchen Renovation Project on The Basis of Purpose and Budget
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Kitchen reflects your lifestyle. Its décor needs to complement the home’s architecture. Kitchen renovation is major undertaking, so determine what you wish to accomplish from your remodelling project.

Is it the kitchen cabinet that needs to be changed?

Old kitchen cabinets can lower the room’s aesthetic appeal, so consider a renovation project. Look, feel, and colour of the cabinets can be changed without ripping your bank balance.

For installing new kitchen cabinets, the initial step is to decide whether to opt for readymade or custom cabinets.

Custom kitchen cabinetry provides more flexibility. It is more expensive but you can get the end product that perfectly fit the space and your taste. In addition, you can control the quality of material.

For a new look, you can even consider resurfacing or re-facing existing cabinets. It is a cheaper option because there is no need to demolish old cabinets and install new ones.

Do you wish to invest in bigger appliances?

Investing in high quality dishwasher, stove or refrigerator can increase the remodelling cost but if your aim is to enhance kitchen value then eliminate the thought of skimping.

Will an electrical upgrading be needed?

Electrical renovations during kitchen remodelling are crucial. Upgrading electrical circuits is vital because old home wirings are not suitable for modern technology enjoyed, today.  For example, refrigerators physical size has gone larger. Today, they are equipped with ice/water dispensers and inbuilt ice-makers in the door. Ice boxes use lots of energy, so a dedicated 120 V circuit of 20 – amp is good to handle the load.

Consider kitchen renovation budget

You need a kitchen to be functional and attractive, but planning a budget is no fun. However, you desire the project to be in your budget. To get an idea for budgeting consider the following aspects.

  • How much will the renovation add to home resale value?
  • For budgeting hints check remodelling magazines
  • Search financing options for appliances and cabinetry

Remember the kitchen renovation total cost will depend on size, material quality, and job complexity. Money spent on kitchen remodelling will be converted into higher resale value.


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