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Fence Screens Are the Perfect Replacement for Old Wood Fences

Fence Screens Are the Perfect Replacement for Old Wood Fences
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Do you currently have a fence in your yard that requires lots of upkeep and maintenance? Maybe you have to repair and paint it once a year just to keep it looking nice. Quit wasting your summers with this dull work—replace your old fence with brand new fence screening. This style is a functional and aesthetically-pleasing solution for privacy and safety. Aluminium screens are durable, sturdy, serve many uses, and come in many different colour options. If you are ready to replace your outdated fence, call a screen company today to find out about your options and to schedule a consultation.

Durable and Sturdy

In Australia’s harsh climate, it can feel difficult to keep an old-fashioned wood fence looking well-maintained. These types of fences require frequent repainting and cleaning. However, aluminium fence screens are extremely durable and sturdy. They will hold up against the elements including wind, rain, sun, and heat. To clean them, all you will need to do is wipe them down. Installing screen fences on your property will instantly upgrade your space to look clean, modern, and functional. Find a company in your area that specialises in screen fences and give them a call to learn more today.

Many Colour Options to Choose From

Not only do screen fences look nice due to their ability to stay clean and their sleek lines, you can also order them in many different colours to match your exact style. You can choose from a beautiful powder-coat finish or an authentic-looking timber-grain finish. Either one will look great on your property! These fences will make your yard and home look sophisticated while requiring little upkeep.

Serve Many Uses

Screen fences have many practical uses. You can install them on property lines to delineate your yard from your neighbours’, provide structure to an outdoor space, maintain privacy, close gaps between walls or pillars, and to block off pool filters, hot water heaters, and air conditioners while still providing them with adequate ventilation. You can choose open slats or slanted slats to give your property the level of privacy you desire. No matter what style or function you use it for, you will love the design and beauty of these screen fences. Search for a company near you that specialises in fence screening in Perth.

If you are tired of the unsightly and worn-out fence on your property, it may be time to consider replacing it with modern fence screens. This aluminium fence is durable and sturdy, serves many functions and uses, and comes in different finishes and colours to perfectly complement your home. What are you waiting for? This is the perfect solution to upgrade the style of your yard. Call a fence company today to receive a consultation.


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