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Find your dream home at Port Ghalib

Find your dream home at Port Ghalib
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When you move to a new state the first thing you will look for is a home to stay in and protect your family. So if you have recently moved to Egypt and you are in search of your dream home then you have come to the right place.

The red sea homes at Port Ghalib are one of the finest as they are the true display of the charms of the past and the mystery of the modernism. The project has been constructed in such a location of Port Ghalib you can enjoy the diverse influence of nature by living in the remarkable infrastructure.

Here at Port Ghalib, you can enjoy a life of vigor because of its promising lands and beautiful atmosphere. Here are some of the Red Sea home projects that you can select from:

Marina residence

If you have always dreamt of having a house in an area where you have to use a yacht to reach it then marina residence has been developed for you. it has been specially designed to provide you with an experience of the Marina lifestyle.

It has a layout in which your every requirement is fulfilled. The apartments are built with such perfection that they will keep you connected to the waterfronts. You will come across an Arabic touch to the interior and exterior of the homes. The delicate finishing off the homes provides the commitment of beauty that is preserved by Port Ghalib.


Here you can rent or buy the quaint studio apartments and apartments with two or three bedrooms.

Tower Village

If you are looking for a luxurious house that can meet your budget then the tower village of Port Ghalib will be your perfect choice. The whole area is surrounded by greenery and there are small spaces between the apartments so that the neighbors can get together to enjoy the refreshing environment.

There also interconnected walkways to ride your bike or walk. The whole theme of the village is inspired by the Arabian Desert. You can enjoy the true culture of Port Ghalib by living in this area as the apartments of all size and affordable rates are available here.

Wadi Ghalib

The famous architects Rami El-Dahan and Soheir Farid have designed this region of the Port Ghalib properties. Here you can enjoy the perfect display of environment, culture, and history. Here you will find the Nubian Styles buildings and domes. Every home has a unique location because it has been specially designed keeping the level of land under consideration.

You will find here all the common and luxurious amenities of life. Once you visit the place you will be attracted towards the nature abiding sensations. This real estate plan will meet all your necessities and budgets.

So whenever you are planning to move to Egypt or looking for a new home to buy or rent make sure to visit the Port Ghalib properties. As we are sure that you will find your dream home here.


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