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FKS Cleaning Property Services Plus

FKS Cleaning Property Services Plus
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We offer top-notch cleaning services and strongly believe our customers must receive nothing but superior customer service levels. Our responsiveness and transparent communication makes us blend well with your unique business requirements.

Our range of commercial cleaning services are as following:

Industrial Cleaning

Are you on the lookout for quality industrial cleaning services for Melbourne-based warehouses? With a comprehensive industry experience background, we can devise unique solutions for every workplace we lay our feet onto, irrespective of whether your production plant is large or if it’s a modest distribution warehouse.

Professional Safety-Driven Industrial Cleaning Services

A dirty warehouse can indicate a lot of things. For instance, it could mean the employee no more takes pride in his work and the necessary processes aren’t being followed. Quite importantly, disorganization could indicate the company is not quite keen on maintaining a clean exterior.

An untidy warehouse could indicate inefficiency and bad management to suppliers, staff and visitors. With proper warehouse keeping, your company is likely to benefit a lot. You would be able to track your work and inventory in a much secure environment. If your warehouse is extremely messy, it’s time you sought services of cleaning companies that excel at industrial cleaning.

FKS Cleaning Property Services Plus offers top-quality industrial cleaning services in Melbourne. Call us right now and we shall talk about all your cleaning needs.

Having a clean work environment in place is imperative to make sure your site runs efficiently, with zero to negligible downtime. Our holistic industrial cleaning background, experience servicing a range of workplaces means we possess the equipment, knowledge and systems for cleaning almost any light and heavy industry workplace in Victoria.

Our expert industrial cleaning services encompass all aspects of your business area, which includes:

• Production sites
• Warehouses
• High traffic areas
• Site offices
• Labs
• Loading bays
• Dongas

Complete industry experience and expertise means we could come up with customized industrial cleaning plans for each business place we step onto – irrespective of whether it’s a small distribution warehouse or a huge production plant.

Site Cleaning Services

Similar to the industrial campuses we frequent to, our main focus when entering a business area is safety. An industrial workplace could pose several risks and our promotions focus on a safety culture for our staff, client’s employees and the public in general. Our commitment not just lies with workplace safety in general, but it’s also in adhering to specific site-related safety practices.

Our staff go through routine internal training to make sure your work environment is properly cleaned for reducing potential risks. Our cleaning team is trained for proactively detecting and documenting danger scenarios. FKS Cleaning knows your work environment and would work in tandem with your employees to attain desired results.

Harmony Within the Workplace

When we are on your premises, we’d like to blend into your work environment. Our flexible and customized services would suit your operations that entails working during non-working or not-so-busy hours, thereby ensuring little interruption (if any) to the employees. Also, our staff members would put on your company’s uniforms to blend well with regular employees, gaining as little attention possible. We always want to serve you to the fullest.

Based on your workplace, we utilize industrial cleaning pH neutral chemicals. If you’d not like to worry over stock levels, consider including bathroom and cleaning consumables in your work contract.

The cleaning is taken care of by our professionals and you can be confident about the level of work we’ll furnish. Our experts don’t resort to any work templates and draft their strategies after considering the workplace’s unique requirements.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Get fresh, clean small business office cleaning services in Melbourne with FKS Cleaning Property Services Plus. Our expert cleaners would leave behind a spotless workplace. Also, our services can be tailored as per your needs, catering to your small business and also big corporate offices.

Office and Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

For efficient business functioning, an expertly cleaned workplace is a must.

A clean work environment positively affects your employees and by furnishing such a tidy work area, you’re indirectly telling your employees that you care about them. Also, such neat and tidy workspaces place a great impression on visiting clients. Therefore, invest in professional corporate cleaning services. FKS Cleaning Property Services Plus takes care of all office cleaning jobs in Melbourne. Contact us today and get a quote sans any obligation.

A clean, non-messy work environment gives your staff the much needed calmness at work, which helps improve their productivity, besides leaving a great impression on visitors and clients. FKS Cleaning’s office cleaning solutions eliminate the bottleneck of coordinating in-house cleaning staff and ensuring cupboards filled with items. When handling a business that has many employees and several offices, coordinating cleaning activities could become time-consuming.

Tailored Service

Our friendly cleaners can tailor services to your needs, offering cleaning services to small companies and also big multinationals. The experience we’ve acquired from servicing several Melbourne offices has helped us with our flexibility to address any extra cleaning requirements needed, like celebrating the yearly Christmas party or cherishing positive sales numbers.

Our office cleaning solutions comprise all standard service packages for kitchens, work areas, common rooms and bathrooms. Our services expand to both exterior and interior cleaning, like window cleaning, with the contract including consumables so that you need not ever worry about restocking. Exterior cleaning comprises car parks, windows, surrounds and gardens.

Quick Response

Though unfortunate, emergencies can happen anytime – including storm damage, break-ins, or merchandise spills. FKS Cleaning’s agile Rapid Response Team could be contacted any time to carry out cleaning post any mishap. Our response speed makes sure your office undergoes minimal downtime and resumes operations at the earliest.

Trustworthy Cleaners

Several offices house expensive machinery and gear along with the staff’s personal belongings. When FKS Cleaning’s service experts are at duty, rest assured your properties and also the company’s belongings would remain unscathed.

Our amicable and courteous employee team is recruited courtesy our extensive selection process, who receive continuous on-the-job industry techniques and practices training. The area manager is accessible all the time to tackle any concerns that may arise, with our staff members proactively detecting any issues relating to safety within your work area.

Besides professionalism and psychology, there is another genuine reason why your office must be clean – it’s health. Generally, offices are replete with frequently touched areas. Every day, employees use the same sinks, keyboards, coffee pots, and doors; these are thriving areas for germs. Our cleaning services for corporates make sure all germs get eradicated.

Discuss our affordable and comprehensive services with any of our experts at FKS Cleaning. Contact us at (08) 9354 1929 or push through your queries online.

Medical Cleaning

Aged and medical care spaces are specialized establishments that need close and complete attention to the details, which includes clinical grade equipment and specific techniques. Our expert team has the experience and training to comply with rigid industry-specific rules relating to cleaning of medical centers. A contract can be developed depending on your requirements and size.

Schools Cleaning

Cleaning services for schools is equally important, for it offers a hygienic learning space for students. Our services can be tailored to deliver both standard school cleaning and also cleaning of specific facilities and areas such as gyms and school halls. FKS Cleaning could work in tandem with your existing in-house cleaners and offer services for both exterior and interior areas.

Aged Care Cleaning

Our cleaning services for aged care areas are in strict adherence with industry-specific rules, which includes best hygiene practices, risk identification and infection control. We could prepare a contract depending on your requirements and size, irrespective of whether your facility is a small clinic or a big hospital.

Aged and medical care facilities are specialized sectors requiring high levels of attention and focus on particular techniques and top-grade clinical equipment. FKS Cleaning’s employees have received intense training to stay in compliance with the stringent industry regulations with regard to infection control, risk identification and hygiene practices. We could create a work contract depending on your needs and scope, regardless of how big or large your medical facility is.


Offering an appealing, fresh venue is critical to attract and retain hospitality industry customers. FKS Cleaning makes sure your restaurant, hotel or other venues maintain a pleasing space for your visitors, and also sustaining high cleanliness standards in areas meant for food preparation. Our cleaning services entail both back and front of the house, and also kitchens, offices and restaurants. Our services are tailored to your requirements, and in conjunction with our Rapid Response Team, your employees can concentrate on customer service.

Shopping & Retail Centre Cleaning

Maintaining a safe and clean environment for both the staff and customers is imperative for your retail business’ ongoing success. FKS Cleaning’s cleaning services for shopping centres could cover primary thoroughfares, management offices and toilets, individual shops, etc. Our team is also well-equipped to clean exteriors like windows and parking lots. Thanks to our Rapid Response Team, we can address any exigencies any time, making sure impending dangers to the public and staff members are decreased and your place is up and ready for trading activities.

TAFE, School and University Cleaning

A well looked after and clean space offers a supportive and pleasant environment for both learning and teaching. We could customize our cleaning services to offer both holistic school cleaning and detailed cleaning of communal facilities and areas such as gyms and school halls, and also offices. FKS Cleaning could team up with your in-house cleaning staff and deliver services for both exterior and interior areas.

Contract Cleaning Services

Sporting/Recreational Venues

Coordinating a cleaning task post and during an event could need meticulous planning. Our team can offer such professional services without any hassle. We’ll make sure the event doesn’t have any remnants of past events.

Why Pick Us

FKS Cleaning is known for its excellent service and reliability. Having won four industry awards in 2014/2015 is an acknowledgement of that fact; and our previous work has also got such similar recognition.

Being the leading and best cleaning services in Melbourne, our clients get the respect, transparent communication, and high standards they deserve. In case you require customized services, our experts would get in touch with you to plan-out things. In short, we can offer every range and variety of cleaning service you’ll possibly want. Get in touch with us right away to find a cleaner and/or receive a reasonable quote.


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