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Four DIY Home Interior Decorations for 2018

Four DIY Home Interior Decorations for 2018
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Yes, we’re closing 2017 in a few weeks. Whether your year turned out the way you planned it to, better, or worse, the closing of the year should be filled with hope and inspiration.

And where else are we going to find those hopes and inspiration, but in the place where we always seek refuge, where we retire after a long tiring day, and where we get to think things over while enjoying a cup of coffee – in our own home.

What we’re going to share with you here are pure sources of inspiration because they are works of your hands. Yes, as the title suggests, these items we’ll tell you about are DIY home interior decorations that you can call your very own. Incorporate your style, your choice of colors, and your favorite patterns that will remind you to stand out and continue because you surely can.

Photo from Trshy Crafter

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are welcome charms whenever you enter the house. They are the ones that greet you the moment you enter the house, elements that tell you you’re home. Instead of buying just any kind of chime that looks cute in a thrift or craft shop, why not make one that’s personalized? Make one that speaks to you by using recyclable materials, like old keys, old necklace pendants, or even bracelet charms. Hang these items in rustic-looking yarns or thick threads, and you’ll have unique wind chimes that you can call your own.

Decorated Rugs

Yes, you can customize your rugs the way you want to! And you don’t need extraordinary sewing skills to do so. With a little spark of imagination and a dash of courage, you can add some colors and patterns to your boring and muted rugs! Just cut a bunch of 1-inch x 5-inch strips of a brightly colored cloth and attach them to your rug following the pattern you choose. You can use a fabric glue or sew the strips of cloth into your rug or do what these two girls did.


Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
Mason jars have been used and abused in events and photo shoots these days. At home, they are used as normal glasses or vases, while some simply paint them to become vintage-looking home decors. Aside from these usual reinventions of mason jars, you can also turn them into soap dispensers. Simply follow these steps and you will have an exceptional kitchen and bathroom addition that everyone will notice.


Photo from Eclectic Home UK

Metallic Home Decors

Yes, metallic colors are back! There are no specific steps on this one. You just need metallic paint and splash this tone to your shelves, furniture, home decors, and other interior design elements that you deem fit. Speaking of shelves, the minimalist style on these useful home additions will be in on 2018. You might also want to check out these other hot interior design trend in coming 2018.

These 2018 DIY home decor tips will surely help you make a fresh start for the coming year. Every time you look at these decorations, remind yourself that you can always do something beautiful with your hand


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