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Garden Design Inspiration To Your New House

Garden Design Inspiration To Your New House
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Having good garden will be a value added advantage to your home. Who don’t like garden? Be it small or big a garden gives a new positive vibes to not only family members but also to the passer by. Recently when we took 3 bhk apartments in thanisandra builder has given a big garden with jogging track.

If you have large space be it in front yard or back yard, try to build rock garden. You can surround Alpine plants that will grow faster. Don’t try to build visually driven plants and flowers what one should do is also think from environment perspective. In a nutshell your garden must not only pleased your eye but also should help the natural habitat.

Build some artificial nests to the birds in the garden. Have both natural and ornamental plants that complements exterior Architecture. Garden reflects your personalities and of course it can become neighbor’s envy. Go to summer camps and get some formal training in landscape design if you want to start your own.

Garden design

With limited budget you can create a retro garden. Make grass to grow all over the wall. An L shaped garden with pebbles where you can do a barbeque party with good and drink display. Having good garden helps to have social party with neighbours and friends. Take Asian inspiration garden preferably contemporary Japan garden design. A central yard garden with glass walls gives a rustic feel for parents and children.

Hire florists too for one time in a year to get new ideas. Implement the amphitheatre style seating if you have some serious budget. Use ceramic tile floors of wooden floors for your exterior garden means install wood work to pavers way which gives a pleasant experience for your family members. Here real estate  builders in bangalore giving a lot more importance to the garden in villas.


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