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Homemaking Tips: Frugal Ways in Choosing The Right Bed For Your Kids

Homemaking Tips: Frugal Ways in Choosing The Right Bed For Your Kids
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As a parent, you need to provide your children the love and care that they require. And one way you can show your children that you love them is by giving them things that can benefit them. It might seem like a small thing, but choosing the perfect items for your children is enough for them to feel your love, especially if you let them decide as well.

For this reason, it’s important that you choose the perfect mattress for your child, as it ensures that they’ll have a good night’s sleep, but while you may know the ins and outs of choosing beds and mattresses for your needs, buying one for your children is somewhat different.

However, you don’t have to confuse yourself in the process. The beds must have the essential features like what your bed has. Make sure you choose cheap beds which can save you money and can accommodate their growing bodies. So you must take note of the list of tips below.

Mind the Size

Remember when you bought your first bed and mattress? What did you first consider? In buying mattresses, it’s always essential to choose the right size for your child, even for yourself as well. The bed you choose should support the weight and height of your child.

If you’re choosing the bed and mattress at the same time, it’s best to put into consideration the age of your child so that he or she could fit perfectly. For instance, if you have a young child who’s transitioning to a larger bed, it’s best to choose a twin-size bed because it provides enough room for your child without consuming too much space.

If you have older children in their pre-teen days who’s fairly tall, go for an extra-long twin size mattress, so that it can support their extra height. But if you have older kids who are in their teenage days, then they may prefer larger-sized mattresses like a queen-size bed for extra bed space. It’s also a good option for them since it has ample space for them not to outgrow it.

Whatever you pick, it’s always best to consider how your child fits on the bed and mattress, because their comfortability matters most.

Review the Materials Used and Overall Quality

An important factor for every homemaking tips is checking the quality of the product that you’re purchasing. That’s why you should also consider the materials used in choosing a mattress for your child. Be mindful about the clothing that the manufacturers use, because many use synthetic mattresses that contain chemicals that are bad for your kids.

These products can easily provide your children unnecessary allergies, skin irritations, and respiratory issues. Preventing these events from happening start from when you’re picking beds for your kids. Choosing a mattress made from natural materials like organic cotton, bamboo hemp, silk, and organic wool can be a good option.

You should also consider the wire coils attached inside the mattress because it’s what supports the body. That’s why the coil count is also an important factor to consider, as it provides the mattress the support it needs. The more coil count, the higher the quality, and the better chances it can support your growing child.

For this reason, if you’re thinking of keeping the same bed for your child for years, the coil could become a crucial part of the process of choosing. This method of picking is also valid for your teenage children since the mattress has to support their weight even more. Typically, a twin size has at least 200 coils, and a full-size bed has at least 375 coils for maximum support.

Considering the quality and materials used for your children’s mattress is an essential part of the process because you’re minimizing accidents caused by non-quality beds and mattresses, so you don’t have to spend more by buying something else.

In this case, only buy from manufacturers with a credible track record in providing high-quality beds and mattresses such as BedsOnline. They offer pocket-friendly products that do not compromise quality and comfort.

Choose the Best Warranty

In homemaking, you’re not just buying stuff that is only usable for months, because you want the product to last for years. Include that in your plan, so that you can pick a bed with the best warranty which a company could offer.

The first step is ensuring that the retailer has a refund policy, allowing you to return or exchange a mattress for a particular period when the one you chose doesn’t suit your child. Then, read the printed version of the company’s warranty policy.

Usually, warranties for mattresses last for at least five to ten years, but there might be other options from other manufacturers which are better. For instance, you need to check if the company will come to your house if you complained about an issue or you have to bring the bed back to the store yourself.

Minor details like this can create significant differences if troubles occur. So it’s best to choose the best warranty for your kids’ beds. This step ensures that the bed you’re going to purchase can save you money in the future.


Choosing the right bed for your kids take more than just one factor. That’s why you always need to look for minor details and specifications so that your children can feel your love and care. Your choices can make a difference and can save you a lot of money, so choose wisely.

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Rachel Minahan is knowledgeable in the field of parenting as she is a mother of a beautiful daughter. She is also a budding writer and writes topics related to parenting on different blog sites; providing tips and tricks for parents-alike. Rachel takes her children to the park every weekend as bonding and get-together.


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