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How to Make Use of Loft Area to Add More Space to Your House

How to Make Use of Loft Area to Add More Space to Your House
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Loft is an unused area of the room mostly, which can add extra room or storey to the house when converted intelligently. Some consider converting the loft area into a room, a small library and even a bathroom. If it sounds interesting to you, here are some of the loft conversion ideas that can give a personality to your house.

  • Making the staircase in space-efficient manner

While you are looking for extra room out of the loft area, it is natural to think of space-saving ways to fit in the staircase. A stackable addition to the existing staircase or giving staircase a spiral shape are some of the less space-eating options for converting loft into a usable room.


  • An extra bathroom

Yes, it is definitely possible to convert loft area into a bathroom with extra storage space, such as small dressing area. You may use blinds to add to the privacy.

  • Use roof lanterns

Using conventional ways of lighting the loft area may require you to cover the space with shutters. This may ensure your privacy, but will make the space look congested. Roof lanterns can help you keep the area well-lit without compromising on the privacy.

  • Make use of multi-utility furniture

The idea behind converting loft into a usable space is to create more room in the house. Convertible furniture like shelf cum bed, or sofa cum bed, may help you use the loft area as study room or living room plus as space for sleeping, thus, allowing you to accommodate more guests easily in the house.

  • Wooden ceiling

Loft area can be given a wooden board ceiling to impart it Scandinavian look. This also beautifies the loft area in a rustic look, making the space look more inviting.

You can entrust the task to Brisol Loft Conversions and see how they convert the space for you into a marvelous addition to your house.


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