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How to Prevent Mildew and Mold on Your Artificial Lawn?

How to Prevent Mildew and Mold on Your Artificial Lawn?
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Artificial lawn or synthetic turf is indeed ideal for sports fields as well as playgrounds. It could offer low maintenance costs compared with putting real or natural grass. Though it could be expensive to install, it would be compensated along with low maintenance fees within longer period of time. Since artificial lawn is already considered as artificial surface, you must still need to maintain it for it to be at its best.

To keep your field in optimal condition, you should consider four of the basic maintenance operations known as the BARS. It stands for Brushing, Aerating, Raking and Sweeping.

Brush the synthetic turf

The first step is considered to be important in terms of rejuvenating the fibers which have been matted. It would also allow the fibers to level. The top portion of the infill would become levelled once you brush it. With the use of recommended brush for cheap fake grass in Sydney, brush along the surface in order to keep the synthetic fibers look alive and fresh again.


 Aerate the artificial lawn

Through adding or aerating air into the fibers, slight compaction of the fibers would be removed. Penetrate as well as loosen the infill through the use of rotating tines.

Rake the synthetic lawn

This step would help in preventing the fibers from matting down. And at the same time, it would ensure that the infill would be loosened. Through the use of rake, particularly a rake which is specifically built for artificial lawn, rake through the artificial grass section by section and vertically.

Sweep the artificial lawn

To clean the artificial lawn and ensure that dirt and debris don’t get into the infill there is a need to make sure of sweeping the synthetic grass regularly. Remove any dirt or debris for it not to get into infill. These debris could also be of great cause of building up mold and mildew particularly once there are moist or wet debris that are lying on artificial turf.

If these maintenance steps are done within regular basis, you might as well need to follow some other procedures in order for mold and mildew develop again.


Scrub and condition

Regular conditioning and scrubbing the artificial grass is indeed recommended in order to make sure that the field is kept clean all the time. Building up of mold and mildew could be due to dirty field particularly once it gets wet because of certain means like of rain. Through the use of powerful industrial scrub or cleaner and a conditioner being designed particularly for synthetic grass, you would be able to scrub away the oil, grease, mildew and molds. Once there is a chewing gum stuck into the artificial grass, the synthetic grass gum remover would take care of the problem.

Thanks to the maintenance steps that could be followed in order to ensure your artificial lawn is safe from mildew and mold. You now have the chance to enjoy a perfect, green lawn without any worries. Don’t forget to ask help from Port Macquarie removalists if you want to transfer your lawn from one place to another.


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