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Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Portland Home

Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Portland Home
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There are countless reasons to improve the curb appeal of a property. If you’re trying to sell a house, a potential buyer’s first impression is the exterior. Therefore, keeping this area in good shape is critical to the transaction.

Furthermore, the rising home prices in the Portland area are beginning to slow, as values rose by only six percent this last July, accounting for the smallest increase in recent years. With the slowing market and increasing inventory of homes available, your competition will also increase. If you’re not selling your home, however, curb appeal is still important because no one wants to own the ugly house on the block, especially in a trendy and fashionable city like Portland. Here’s how to maintain your curb’s quality.

The basics

The simplest and least expensive way to improve your home’s exterior is to work on the landscape, focusing on any aspects which take away from the property’s visual appeal. As an initial step, remove any clutter and junk. Instead of leaving it strewn around the yard, organize the items in a shed or any other enclosed area. Clean the exterior walls, windows, and doors. Cleaning is practically free and gives the property an organized and neat look.

Next, work on the grass and trees. Do so by looking for certified arborists in your area who can help remove stumps and prune trees. Although this may seem simplistic, these services are critical to your exterior maintenance. Improper pruning may lead to damaged trees, and it goes without saying that this affects the view. Afterward, add some color by planting flowers and plants. Use fresh mulch which provides a nice contrast, as this detail makes the colors stand out.

Quick improvements

Keeping the lawn cut and neat is also essential to curb appeal. Although this is generally an easy task, larger acreage properties can pose a challenge. In these cases, it may be necessary to visit an outdoor power equipment store in Gresham, OR and look for a tractor that’s better equipped for the task. Also look for a pressure cleaner and wash the exterior.

If cleaning does not improve the look, consider repainting the outside of the property. Look for a color combination between the trims and the walls that’s attractive and adds to the landscape. Once the paint is ready, improve the exterior lighting so that the home looks nice both at night and during the day. Consider using bright and energy efficient LED lights, as these will provide illumination without increasing the monthly electricity bill.


What good is a beautifully designed landscape, an amazing color scheme, or an appealing porch if the roof looks terrible? If you’re selling the property, questions surrounding the roof will definitely come up. Otherwise, it’s still in your best interest to keep it updated and in optimal condition. Look for a roofing contractor in Portland, OR with experience in a vast array of services including upgrades, waterproofing, repairs, and redesigns.

Another area where upgrades pay off is in the driveway. Cracks and stains will deter attention from other areas. Do not ignore this, and focus on improving the existing infrastructure. If you’re on a budget, fix the cracks and consider repainting the pathway. This will give it a nice and clean finish. If you can afford it, look to improve the driveway by redesigning it using pavers or other ideas which add to curb appeal. Some of the nicest designs use a checkerboard look using rock or mosaic.


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