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Increase The Fun Element Of Your Hot Tub Or Spa

Increase The Fun Element Of Your Hot Tub Or Spa
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Although many people use a hot tub or spa to improve their health or treat a particular condition, many people also like to use it just for fun. So if you want to increase the fun element of your hot tub or spa then take a look at these toys and accessories to help you out.

If you have children who enjoy using the hot tub then they are almost certain to enjoy a toy duck floating on the water. They are available in a number of different styles ranging from a giant duck  to a rather cute lifeguard duck, a racing duck complete with flag and helmet or perhaps a hippy duck with long plaited “hair” and a waistcoat. Whatever your taste there is almost certainly a duck for you.


Many people like to enjoy a drink whilst relaxing in their hot tub and what could be more fun than a Floating Can Holder which resembles a rubber ring? Why not buy several to keep the whole family happy? Taking the floating theme even further, you could take a look at Spa Bar which has many different sized compartments to hold a range of snacks and drinks right where you need them. It can also be attached to the side of your hot tub or spa using the two stability chambers instead. A great idea for parties as it means you won’t need to keep visiting the kitchen for top ups.

For those who prefer a more sophisticated party with a bottle of bubbly you may prefer a Grip O Cooler to keep your drink and glasses to hand. It attaches to the side of the hot tub or spa with suction feet and the removable glass holder can be used as a drinks tray for serving. A great idea for keeping your bottle cool.


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