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Overvoltage Protection – Indispensable For Electronic Devices

Overvoltage Protection – Indispensable For Electronic Devices
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The components of electrical and electronic devices are designed so that they can work optimally in a specified voltage range. With the mobile computing technology as well as with peripheral devices there is the peculiarity that they come with the usual mains voltage of 230 volts in Germany as well as in North America common voltage of 110 volts. Implementation takes place via the power supply units, which deliver an equal output voltage to the components of the devices in both variants through sophisticated regulation.

The 230 volts are to be seen as the upper limit. If it is exceeded, this can no longer be compensated by the power supplies. In this case, they pass on an excessive voltage, which can cause damage to the components. Causes of surges can be lightning strikes. But also when switching on and off powerful devices and power generators fluctuations of the mains voltage are observed. Another possible cause is undesirable changes in the voltage due to the action of magnetic fields.

Protect Your PC With The  Surge Protection Socket

As a measure of protection of computers and peripherals offers the power strip with surge protection because with this multiple devices can be backed up simultaneously. The overvoltage protection of the socket works on the principle of an FI-fuse. As soon as a too high voltage is measured, an interruption of the voltage takes place immediately. While notebooks, netbooks, and tablets continue to work in this case, computers switch off without their own battery. Therefore, a surge protector with emergency battery would be a good alternative, because it still makes a fast data backup possible. Here, the number of providers is currently still low. For this, there is again the uninterruptible power supply.

However, if there is a power outage, then over-voltage protection will only help protect the equipment, but it will not work. For this reason, RI electricians recommend using an uninterruptible power supply.

The Advantages Of The Power Strip With Surge Protection

The surge protection socket today usually not only provides overvoltage protection with but still has another advantage to offer. Most models of these power strips are switchable. Thus, with a single tap on the toggle switch several devices can be switched off simultaneously. This eliminates a deficit, which some printers, scanners and multifunction devices have: they can not be completely switched off. The standby mode consumes power, even if it is very small quantities. Incidentally, this also applies to home theatre systems, radios, and televisions. A tip to conclude: Inkjet printers should not be de-energized because they start the cleaning program after power interruptions and thus additional ink is consumed. For them, a separate overvoltage protection socket should be used for best results.


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