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Quick Tricks To Clean Your Kitchen During Winter

Quick Tricks To Clean Your Kitchen During Winter
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The last thing that you want to do during your winter break is to clean your kitchen. You have successfully avoided this task for months but your kitchen seems out of place and you definitely do not want your guests to get a sneak peek of this untoward sight.

Besides, you made so much effort to find the best home kitchen experts to design a beautiful kitchen and so you definitely want your guests to enjoy the stunning look of your kitchen.

With that thought in mind, you are left with no other option but to make your kitchen look spick and span. Discussed below are easy tricks to clean your kitchen even in the winters.

Get rid of the peculiar kitchen smell

There are several tricks through which you can eliminate pungent smells from your kitchen. But, of all those tricks, the best and easiest is to simmer white vinegar on the stove top and quickly get rid of any lingering smell.

Often, while preparing your meals you enjoy the delicious aroma of the food but when it lingers around the room for a long duration the smell starts to sting. The bubbling feature of vinegar helps you to dispose of the smell completely from the room.

Before you leave the house for your walk/jog turn off the burner and spread some vinegar on it and when you get back you are likely to enjoy a good smell across the kitchen. You can use homemade diffusers as well to get rid of bad odour in your kitchen.

Dealing with kitchen grime

While preparing meals there is a high probability that some portions of oil and certain spills become a part of your kitchen. In most homes, cooking oil gets stuck with the dust on various appliances and other kitchen surfaces. You will have a tough time scrubbing all these spots before a party or guest visits your home.

However, you can easily wipe it with the help of a microfiber cloth dipped in hot water. Make sure that you dip the cloth in the hot water several times while cleaning the surface. This will make your process comparatively easier and simpler.

Along with this you also have to be mindful of the fact that the water is significantly hot because water tends to get cold faster during winter. If possible reheat the water for a minute.

Dealing with fruit flies

Do you wish to get rid of the fruit flies overnight?

In order to get rid of all the fruit flies, you will have to place two or three pieces of citrus in your oven. Make sure that you place them directly on the rack. Then leave the oven door open for a couple of hours as leaving the oven door open overnight gives you much better results.

The following day, close the oven door and turn on your boiler. Allow the oven to cool down throw away the citrus pieces and wipe the base of the oven with a clean cloth.

Removing gunk from kitchen crevices

If you think that getting rid of flies was a challenge then you are wrong my friend. Getting rid of dry bits and particles all around the kitchen is a more challenging task. Cleaning becomes trickier when such particles get settled in the kitchen crevices.

Some people use toothpicks to remove these particles. While others make use of any pointed skewer which can get into the tiny spots and remove the settled dirt. The easiest way is to try and remove all these minute particles from such spots and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

Remember, that the tiny gap in the mixer where you affix attachments is likely to cover a lot of gunk and cleaning it can be a little time-consuming.

Get back your glowing sink

While looking out for cleaning alternatives you definitely might have come across the classic combination of lemon and baking soda. This combination is used as an ultimate scrubber for getting the lost shine back and clearing dirt from minute particles.

Spread some baking soda in your sink and add few drops of half-used lemon to it and your sink will get back its original shine. This little cleaning secret saves you from a lot of harsh scrubbing which can degrade the quality of your sink.

If you are searching for a solution to clear the gaps between the tiles then you can spread some baking soda, add white vinegar on it and then scrub the gap with the help of an old toothbrush.


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