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R-22 or TDX 20 – Which One Is The Most Energy Efficient?

R-22 or TDX 20 – Which One Is The Most Energy Efficient?
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Many businesses today are complying with the need of replacing all of the Freon from their refrigeration systems with another type of coolant. R-22, as it is officially known, has been determined to be a deterrent for the ozone layer. It is a chlorofluorocarbon, and when the chlorine is able to interact with ozone, it can cause the oxygen molecules to come apart. As a result of this, large holes in the ozone layer were initially detected decades ago, and it was determined that this was the problem. By limiting the amount of Freon that was used in aerosol cans, and subsequently, in refrigeration systems, the ozone layer has made a comeback. As a result of these findings, by the year 2020, R-22 cannot be used at all. To replace this, scientists went to work and created many different types of replacement coolants. One of the best is called TDX 20 or Bluon. If you are a business that needs to get this done, you can find HVAC specialists that specialize in the replacement of this coolant. Before doing that, let’s look at whether or not this is going to be a positive move for your company in regard to which one is the most energy efficient.

Why Was R-22 So Popular?

The main reason that Freon was so popular is that it became the main coolant that everyone used. It was easy to create, and at the time, chlorofluorocarbons were considered to be one of the most efficient coolants on the market. For many decades, this was used in virtually every type of machine that was able to blow or create cold air. However, the scientific breakthroughs that led to understanding what was depleting ozone led them to realizing that CFCs were not good for the earth. Unfortunately, there are many people all over the world that still have Freon inside of their systems. This is going to be eventually replaced. All of the newer items that are made today are using different types of coolants. One of the most popular ones for replacements is called TDX 20.

Reasons To Use TDX 20 To Replace Freon

There are so many reasons that TDX 20 is extremely efficient. It has to do with its chemical makeup. According to studies that have been done, they have been able to show conclusively that it can save 25% on your total energy bill. This means that each machine that you are using is going to only use 75% of its normal energy input. This could amount to millions of dollars that will be saved by businesses around the world. In addition to this, it is because of the chemical composition being so similar to R-22 that very few, if any, modifications need to be made to existing equipment that was designed to work with Freon. The reason this is important is that some of the replacements will easily leak. Different components need to be changed to fix this problem. This could become very expensive for some people, but because of the way that Bluon is made, none of this needs to be done. Another reason is that there is no reason to change the oil, and it operates at lower temperatures and pressure. The stability of your systems, through the reduction of vibration, is why this is one of the best replacement coolants to use for all of your systems with Freon.

How Can You Have R-22 Replaced In Your Current Refrigeration Units?

You can have Freon replaced very quickly by working with HVAC or HVAC-R specialists. These are professionals that have gone through training that allows them to work directly with any type of machinery that is going to produce colder air. They will use a gauge to determine the pressure, allowing them to monitor the extraction of the R-22. Once it has been taken out, it will be properly disposed of, preventing it from getting into the atmosphere. In addition to this, they will then inject the Bluon into your system. As mentioned before, it is chemically very similar to Freon and therefore everything should work the same. You are simply going to notice that it is much more efficient, and may actually blow cold air at a higher setting. It really is one of the best replacement coolants ever made.

Which One Is More Energy Efficient?

As you can tell from this information, it is clear that TDX 20 should be your top choice. It really is that energy efficient. Even though it is more expensive than R-22, it will save a substantial amount of money over the course of using your machinery simply because your machines will use less energy. When you are able to get a higher output of colder air, this means that your machines will not have to work as hard. You will not only be saving money on electricity, but you will also be saving on all of the repairs that will not have to be made on the machines that you are using. The key to making sure that this is done properly is to contact the local HVAC professionals in your area and find out which one is able to do this type of extraction and replacement process. If you can find reviews on businesses that have done this for other companies, and they are primarily positive, you will know that you are making the right choice by hiring this company.

R-22 used to be the best choice for anyone that was going to get a refrigeration system. However, due to the problems that it causes with the ozone layer of our atmosphere, TDX 20 was developed. Once you have this in your systems, you will notice that everything will run more smoothly, and you will spend less money on electricity month after month. It is also going to help extend the life of every machine that you have that uses a coolant, allowing you to save a substantial amount of money over the course of time. Contact a local HVAC professional today to set up your appointment to have this done.


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