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Roof Failures – Things That Damage Your Roof And Cause Roof Failure

Roof Failures – Things That Damage Your Roof And Cause Roof Failure
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If you are living in Ann Arbor Michigan and ignoring the routine yearly inspection and repair to your roof, you need to wake up. A damaged roof severally affects the structural integrity of your home, it leads to the roof failure which is much more cost intensive than a routine maintenance. There are various reasons that may cause a roof failure.

Ignorance and neglect

Failure to routinely inspect and maintain is a primary cause of roof failures. To use your roof for the maximum duration for which it can be used, you need to regularly get your roof maintained. Failure to do so may result in

  • Blisters– the primary cause is moisture retained by the shingles which lead to expansion on being exposed to sunlight.
  • Puncture– this may happen due to the debris that gets stored on the roof.
  • Debris accumulation– lack of regular maintenance is the root cause of debris accumulation.

Natural elements

Natural elements like wind and snow also cause severe damage to the roof.

  • Wind damage – When wind strikes the surface, it causes an uplift due to its intensity that result in a damaged roof. The intensity of wind is higher during a storm so getting your roof checked after a storm prevents the spread in any incurred damage.
  • Snow accumulation – The accumulation of snow due to a heavy snowfall is another major reason of roof damage. A roof can at most bear 20 pounds of snow per square feet, any accumulation over this mark causes structural damage. Low sloped and flat roof are major victims of snow damage.
  • Water – Water buildup is a factor that damages a roof severally leading to roof failure. This can happen due to heavy rains or snowfall. Flat roofs are the primary sufferer of water buildup since the water remains on the roof instead of sliding off. Community and commercial buildings are the primary victims of this kind of damage since they mostly have a flat roof.

The only solution to any of the above-mentioned problems is regular and timely maintenance and for this you need to hire the roofing contractros ann arbor Michigan. The place has a climate that needs regular maintenance and checkup of your roofs to keep it long lasting and avoid the damages that could be incurred due to roof failures.


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