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Take The Hard Work Out Of Cleaning Your Hot Tub Or Spa

Take The Hard Work Out Of Cleaning Your Hot Tub Or Spa
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Keeping a hot tub or spa clean is something every owner must do to avoid a build up of bacteria and germs. It can, however, be an extremely time consuming and tedious job that most people will want to complete as quickly as possible; luckily there are some very good gadgets out there designed to save you both time and money as well. We caught up with Aqua Warehouse to take a look at a few of these!


Take the Water Wand Filter Brush for example. It’s a hand held cartridge filter cleaner designed to save money by reducing the number of times you need to replace the filter. Instead of throwing your filter away when it becomes dirty, give it a thorough clean with the Water Wand and it will work efficiently again. Simply attach to a garden hose, rinse all the debris off the filter by directing the water in between the pleats and when free of dirt, spray with a cleaner/degreaser such as AquaSPArkle Instant Filter Cleaner. Let the cleaner get to work for around ten minutes then give it a thorough rinse with the Water Wand once again. The design of the wand means that it can clean 8 pleats at a time cutting filter cleaning time by more than 50%.

To make quick work of cleaning the dirt from your hot tub or spa, take a look at the Mytee Mitt. Shaped like a large glove, it fits over the hand to make cleaning a fatigue free process. The non scratch cleaning bristles act like mini scrapers to remove all types of dirt including the hard to remove marks from round the water level that can be hard to shift. No soaps or cleaners are required, just a bit of gentle rubbing to bring the surface up clean once more. So that’s two simple and cheap items that are both designed to save you time and money.


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