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The Best European Oak Floor Choices

The Best European Oak Floor Choices
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When remodeling or building a home, few choices will be as big as what kind of flooring to put in. While some people may choose carpet, those with children often think twice and look for flooring that is much easier to clean in case of a spill. Hardwood does not stain in the same way as carpet or even some tiles do, so it is a great choice. European oak floor planks are an increasingly popular way to take advantage of the beauty and stain resistance of wood floors.

European Oak Floor Planks are Hardy

In many areas of the world, oak is fairly ubiquitous when it comes to any kind of woodwork. The trees themselves grow all over the country, with over 80 species being indigenous. In addition, the lumber that can be mined from those trees is quite hardy. The old adage about something being as solid as oak comes from the fact that oaks are strong and very durable. Euro oaks are similar in strength and popularity, but there are a few main differences that set them apart.


Differences Between Euro Oak and Other Oaks

Both Euro and American oaks are hardy, making them great structural woods for construction sites. The main difference between the two is how they are cut. Overseas, they cut from the centre of the trunk and use that large block to make three different cuts, which is quite a different approach from what is done in other countries. As a result, the planks are generally wider and have a different grain structure. If you value the look of the grain as a part of your home aesthetic, then European Oak planks are probably the way to go.

European Oak Floor Planks Are Long Lasting

The grains of a good European Oak Floor run perpendicular to the both layers that lie above and below it. The reason for this is that it creates more strength, which is why these are used as support beams quite often, holding up lofts and second stories of houses and apartments. The other big reason for cutting the boards this way is that this prevents the boards from swelling or shrinking, so you never have to worry about gaps, misalignments or loose boards.

European Oak Floor Finishes

When you order European Oak Floor planks, most of them are delivered pre-finished. This means that they have been treated with something in order to preserve them even longer than their natural life, and protect them from moisture. You can also get them untreated if you wish to go through this step yourself. Some even come with a UV oil treatment that helps protect them from the sun, which can damage the stain or paint.

European Oak Floor Light Stains

Besides any treatments or UV coatings, most boards also come stained or painted. You can choose from a wide variety of shades to suit your decorative needs. One of the most popular is a light stain, which keeps the natural beauty and colour of the wood. In some cases, the wood is given a power wash after painted to give it a weathered or distressed look, so it looks aged rather than brand new. As for paints, grey and beige are popular since they are neutral colours that fit in with your existing furniture and colour scheme. Your supplier has a large selection of colours, washes and stains, but you can also custom order to give you an exact match to what you want.

European Oak Floor Dark Stains

On the other end of the colour spectrum is the dark stains. From dark burgundy to deep espresso colours, these hues match or contrast many wall and furniture pieces, creating a space that looks like it was decorated by a professional designer. They look even better with a high gloss finish, so many people keep them mopped and shined in order to produce this much desired effect.

Caring For Your European Oak Floor

Like any hard wood, this type of flooring requires minimal maintenance. Regular dust mopping is great instead of a traditional broom with straw or plastic, because there is no risk of scratching the finish. If you need to mop, use warm water and dry immediately so that the water does not start to seep into the boards. Should you or a family member or guest accidentally spill something on the floor, you could mop it up immediately and clean the area with warm, soapy water. Soak up extra moisture with a dry towel and your floors will look as good as new.


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