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The Common Problems With Skip Hire And How To Avoid Them

The Common Problems With Skip Hire And How To Avoid Them
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If you have a huge pile of waste that you would like to remove from your business, home, or construction site using a quick and efficient method, you should hire a skip. Skip hire is a popular method for removal of large volumes of waste but unfortunately many people face problems when they do it. The following few paragraphs will look at some of the usual problems with and how you can avoid them.

1.      Ordering The Wrong Size Of Skip

Ordering a skip of the wrong size is one problem that people experience since it is easy to do but it is still something that you need to get right. If you choose a skip that is too small and you risk being unable to get all your waste material in the container and you could end up having to pay for another skip hire.

You can avoid experiencing this problem by choosing the skip of the appropriate size for the volume of waste that you have. You can find many resources online that give you a guide of the different sizes of skips. Alternatively, you could just call the chosen company for any clarifications.

2.      Lack Of An Access Route

If you hire a reliable skip hire company like Docklands and if it happens that they are unable to reach your site, it will be impossible to drop off the container. If you want to avoid experiencing any problems with the delivery of your skip, you first need to ensure that there is good access to the site in question on the day of delivery.


3.      Lack Of A Permit

If you would like to leave the skip out on public road, you need to remember to seek authorization from the local government authorities. You should contact your local council first since you will require a special permit. Some of the companies can do this on your behalf but if they do not, it will be up to you to contact your local council for a license.

4.      Not Having A Ramp

If you plan to wheelbarrow waste straight into your hired skip, it is a good idea to have a ramp of sorts. If you do not have a ramp handy you can also hire one and many reputable skip hire companies can do that for you too.

5.      Not Using Markings and Lights

If you plan to place your hired skip on a public road outside your home, you must put markings and safety lights around it. Traffic cones, reflective markings, and night-time safety lamps ensure that passing traffic is aware of the skip and ensures that you won’t be fined. The rules governing the markings and lights vary from one council to the next so find out what the requirements in your area are and adhere to local regulations.

Final Thoughts

Skip hire is one of the quickest and most effective ways of removing waste from your property. However, you can easily make mistakes or experience problems with this type of service, which is exactly why we created this article.


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