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Why Install A Glass Pool Fence

Why Install A Glass Pool Fence
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Leaders in pool safety and balustrades recommend frameless or semi-framed glass fencing for swimming pools. Extra thick, durable and clean cut panels create a sophisticated look and a floating elegance adding light and a sense of spaciousness for any outdoor feature you wish to enclose. A glass pool fence delivers unique qualities suited to style of home and garden from its security to its true sense of luxury.

Modern Glass Pool Fence Solutions

Ever changing consumer needs and modifications in technology have transformed the function and appearance of traditional fences for swimming pools. Sleek and smooth designs incorporating panes of high grade strength have replaced the outdated wooden and steel posts that don many of these features. With its minimal maintenance and safety qualities, these styles are becoming favourable options for small or large pools.


Frameless or Semi-Framed

Frameless fences consist of secured glass panels that surround pools without the need for a full border. Each pane provides a clear view of pools and is not enclosed in a frame, but secured with stainless steel feet that are tough and resistant to general deterioration. Custom design adds exceptional value and aesthetics for the property including constant clear views and spaciousness.

Semi-framed paneling is considered more economical compared to its frameless counterparts secured in a sturdy aluminium frame in a matt black or silver finish. The glass pool fence consists of a 10 mm thickness that complies with safety regulation standards and offers affordable installation. The contemporary style proves attractive for all swimming pools and gardens adding exceptional value and functionality for property.


A glass pool fence can be fully customised to complement the size and dimensions of all types of swimming pools. The clear glass panes are reinforced to prevent breakage and deterioration with exposure to harsh outdoor elements from intensive sunlight and high temperatures to harsh winter rain and frost. Frameless and semi-framed enclosures are created to complement pools including lengths of up to 2 meters and 12 mm thickness to maintain a safe and secure environment.


Whether you are interested in 12 mm thick frameless fencing or 10 mm semi-framed panels, a glass pool fence is a safe and secure solution to minimise unauthorised access to pools. The clear panes allow you to keep an eye on the structure at all times while the secure gate and lock will prevent children from making their way into the area. Small gaps between each panel and a lack of ledges or steps minimise the ability to squeeze through or climb over the balustrades.

High Quality

Durability and integrity are pillars in the construction of a modern glass pool fence. These stylish panels are built with exceptional toughness and thick cut material to prevent easy breakage and ensure it withstands the everyday rigours of changes in seasonal temperatures and weather conditions. The solid construction is of a high quality minimising the need to apply expensive and constant maintenance.

Easy Management

A glass pool fence is one of the easiest and simplest features to maintain and keep clean. The panels will need to be wiped with a soft cloth to remove any dust, dander, fingerprints or streaks that have formed on the surface to maintain a clear view of swimming pools. The stainless steel reinforcement for frameless designs or aluminium frames included in semi-framed styles offer a high level of rust resistance against moisture and UV light.

Beautiful Design

The aesthetic quality of frameless or semi-framed panels cannot be denied offering unobstructed views and a true sense of spaciousness that cannot be achieved with alternative materials and construction. A metal or wood fence obscures the view of pools taking away from the design aesthetic of an entertainment area. The clarity of each panel will produce a true sense of spaciousness for any sized garden and the appearance of a floating, elegant enclosure.

Benefits of Professional Installation

A reputable and professional installer will advise on measurements and customised jobs to secure and enhance the surrounding pool. Consideration for a frameless or a semi-framed feature will depend on its cost effectiveness and the preference of property owners when looking to enclose pools. The stylish design and clear panels will prove easy to maintain and naturally resistant.

A glass pool fence offers elegance and a true sense of luxuriousness for swimming pools of all sizes. A professional installation offering a guarantee on a high standard of workmanship will ensure that the designs of panels and consistency of materials are of a quality grade for aesthetic and safety purposes. Whether frameless or semi-framed, each design offers a unique set of features to enhance, secure and modernise pools.


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