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Why You Should Get a Diploma in Construction

Why You Should Get a Diploma in Construction
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Young and aspiring construction workers usually think that experience in the field is enough to get a job. Building and construction is, of course, a very practical trade. Experience and skill trumps everything else. However, the field is also very competitive. Employers have more discretion in hiring and they want to hire the best. If you want to land a good job in this industry, knowing how to use a nail gun may not be enough. You may require theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. Here are several reasons why you should really consider formally studying construction work:

Show Off Theoretical Knowledge to Employers

Having a certificate for a diploma of construction and building shows employers that you have the brains for the job as well steady hands. Most respected diplomas cover a practical training period, where you will gain a solid foundation of the practical knowledge required. However, the curriculum for diplomas goes way beyond that. Depending on the institution you choose, you will learn aspects of physics, architecture, and accounting that the job will require. More importantly, having a formal education in this field makes your knowledge of the subject matter disciplined. Employees highly prefer that over hires that have learned something here and something else over there.

Take Advantage of the Skills Gap

There are a high number of skilled jobs in this field. However, employers have a hard time filling these jobs because the applicants rarely have the necessary skills. Satisfying this skills gap is very important for the advancement of the building industry. It’s also very good for the employees who have the right skills. Skilled employees in specialised fields tend to get paid more than others in where the skills supply is high. Studying for a diploma in the field will help you acquire highly bankable skills that employers desperately seek.

Increase the Chance of Getting Hired if You are Older

If you are an older job seeker, the chances of getting hired in this specific industry are low, even with years of experience. Companies can easily find young hires whom they can train and keep around for decades. With older hires, companies only see short-term investments and losses due to paying pensions. However, if you have a diploma, combined with your years of experience, your chances of getting hired will dramatically rise regardless of your age. Companies may seek you as a potential trainer, or a highly reliable worker.

Enjoy an Edge over the Competition

Most construction job vacancies often attract hundreds of applications. Most employers don’t even glance at all of them. If you want to get your resume sorted to the “to be interviewed” pile, it will help to have a relevant diploma mentioned in the education section.  Your application will definitely have an advantage over someone with just a high school degree.

Aim for Bigger Positions

A diploma may include skills that you may not typically gain with an apprenticeship. These skills include management, accounting, and so on. If you want to get hired as a manager or in an equally top-level position, a diploma will definitely help. Companies want educated applicants to fill these positions and are looking for more than on the job experience.

As you can see, there are many reasons to get your diploma in the field. So, don’t waste a moment and go enrol in one.


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